Opening Times

  • Monday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Tuesday 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Wednesday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Thursday 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Friday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


  • Carole Crystal
  • Trish Deasy
  • Monica Sampson
  • Rachel Bramley
  • Teresa Hoyles
  • Gill Morgan

The Library is situated centrally within college and will hopefully be central to your learning experience. It is an inviting, comfortable area available for research and quiet study,staffed by professional librarians. This means that there is always someone there to answer your enquires and help you find the materials and information you need.


As a student at Varndean College you are automatically a member of the Library and will be given a borrower card within the first two weeks of term. Please carry your "College Card" with you at all times, as you will not be able to borrow resources without it.


We have a carefully selected stock of over 15,000 items that support the curriculum and cover the subjects you will be studying. They are arranged in subjects according to the Dewey Classification System with separate sections for Quick Reference and Paperback Fiction.

The normal loan period is for three weeks but resources can be renewed if you need them for longer.

Short Loan

Resources may be borrowed for one week or less.

DVD and VHS videos may be viewed in the Library or taken home overnight.

Audio cassettes and CDs are held in the Library office, and cassette players are available for listening in the Library, or cassettes may be borrowed in the usual way.

We subscribe to Satellite TV which enables us to obtain a wide variety of foreign language channels, with headphones available from the LRC desk.




The Heritage Computer Catalogue gives details of all resources held in the Library and their location. Use the General Enquiry to search by author, title or single keyword. You will be taught how to use it effectively in IT Key Skills.


Most resources may be reserved, except for those which are for reference only.

Remember that the Library staff are here to help you; Please ask if you need anything.


Reference Section

General reference books such as English Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Atlases are kept here.

Subject specific reference resources are kept in the appropriate subject section, and have a yellow Reference Only sticker on the front. Reference resources may not be borrowed, but can be consulted in the Library.


We take 60 different magazines, covering a wide variety of subjects, to support your studies, and three daily newspapers for those brief moments when you aren't studying!

Back copies may be borrowed overnight.

Details of periodicals that will help you with your subject studies are listed on Library Subject Guides, given out in the first few weeks of your course.

Daily Newspapers taken:

  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Evening Argus


An online database covering articles from over 10,000 newspapers and magazines - some full text, some only indexed. The full text articles may be printed or downloaded for usein your studies. The indexed articles may be available to you in the college.


There are five computer stations for research in the Library. They are networked computers, and are connected to the Internet and printers for use in research.

To log on to the computers you must show some photo ID, for example, your "College Card".


Photocopying facilities are available in the Library. Photocopy cards cost £1 for twenty credits and may be purchased from the Issue Desk in the Library.

Study Space

We have 52 spaces at tables, 2 easy chairs, as well as 5 computers for research and a space with shared headphones for the satellite televideo and DVD video player.

We endeavour to keep the Library quiet at all times, so that there is always a suitable place in college for you to come and study. In addition to Room 34.1, the Open Access IT Centre where IT user support is available, there are also study spaces in free classrooms around college that are available for group work and for you to talk about your work should you need to - a list of these is posted in all classrooms.

Other Local Libraries

You may use the Libraries of the University of Sussex, the University of Brighton and City College for reference purposes.

Take your Varndean NUS card with you.

You may join your local public library branch free of charge.

Brighton Reference Library (or your own local reference library) is an invaluable source of information for all subjects.


Library closure will be publicised in advance.

Relevant resources will be provided for the courses offered by the college. Suggestions for further purchases are welcomed.

Help with enquiries is available from Librarians; if we are unable to find resources needed we will suggest where else you might try.

Help and assistance will be given in using all the facilities available.

Every student will receive an Library Guide and Library Subject Guides for all of their subjects.

Varndean College, Surrenden Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6WQ tel: 01273 508011